Are you wondering why the craze for shopping and shifting to local has gone up a notch lately? 

That simply means you haven’t tried enough local products to actually make the shift. Local Filipino products, despite not being paid much attention to the past decades, are all people have been talking about, and we’re here to show you why. 

Check out these 5 locally-made products––specifically, Palaweño local products––that are sure to capture your attention (and maybe tempt you to “add to cart on our website).

1. Bootza Kombucha’s Probiotic Drinks

Photo grabbed from Bootza Kombucha’s Facebok Page

Boo! Bootza Kombucha’s here to make your life a little healthier (and a whole lot more colourful). These sparkling probiotic drinks aim to improve one’s digestion, speeden up calorie-burning, ensure your body is healthy enough to fight heart disease, diabetes, and several other chronic diseases. Despite how sinful our typical dishes are during celebrations, going local can also mean going healthy. Check out Bootza Kombucha and make your “one day” turn to “day one.” 

2. Palaweño Brewery’s Craft Beer

As stated on their Instagram, Palaweño Brewery is the first craft beer brewery in Palawan, the first Philippine craft beer exported to the United States, and to top it all off, the Philippines’ first women brewers. Offering different flavours ranging from Palaw’an to Tagbanwa, Palaweño Brewery is sure to offer you a taste of craft beer like never before (did we mention they often come out with sales?). 

3. Third’s Hot Chili Peppers & Spicy Products 

All the spice lovers in the room, please stand up! We’ve got the perfect product for you. 

A truly local product, Third’s Hot Chili Peppers & Spicy Products are sure to give any dish you serve your family and friends (or even yourself–we’re not judging) the exact amount of kick your tongue needs and craves. Two of their most sold-out products, Hot Sauce Pineapple and Hot Sauce Mango, don’t only spice up your dishes, but give them a hint of fruit as well. Don’t miss out!

4. Ithamar Orchard’s Coco Papaya Sweet and Sour Sauce 

Recently used in Palawan Local Market’s newest cooking show, Kain Tayo, Palaweño, Ithamar Orchard’s Coco Papaya Sweet and Sour Sauce is perfect use as a base sauce for quick and easy pasta recipes! 

Learn how to make Tuna Vegetable Pasta using Ithamar Orchard’s special sauce, and have a taste of true Palaweño food. 

Watch Kain Tayo Palaweño’s first episode here: Kain Tayo, Palaweño Ep. 01

Filipinos create some of the best and most unique dishes around the world––have a go at it and shift to local. 

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