Despite being known for its beautiful beaches, and yes, its exquisite local cuisine, tourism in the island has taken a dip due to the current worldwide pandemic. Fear not, however, because here is a surprise from Palawan Local Market and a treat for all Manileños: Palawan Local Market now ships all the way to Manila! Supporting Palawan and the local community from the comfort of our homes in the metro has never been easier.

Our e-commerce website proudly features Palawan-grown produce and Palaweño-made products. Pure and authentic Palaweño brands with different specialities also have their own section on our website. 

When traveling to Palawan, there is no better way to get a taste of the Filipino delicacies, but with the current pandemic, traveling has not exactly been all that easy; with Palawan Local Market, however, bringing Palawan’s local products and fresh produce has never been easier. 

Ever tried locally made Palaweño coco rum? Look no further. Your physical presence in Palawan is no longer necessary for the days you suddenly crave for that good local buzz. Palawan Local Market’s alcohol and liquor section currently ranges from Palawano Coco Rum to Palawan Wit – Craft Beer. 

Palawan Local Market also sells locally produced tomato salsa, coco-papaya sweet & sour sauce, and even Palawan pesto that all come in jars–jars that are ready to be shipped to Manila in just one click. Palawan Local Market products also include Kasoy, and even peanut brittle for all the sweet-tooths out there!

Our website currently sells fresh pineapples, fresh castanas, cilantro, thai basil, romaine lettuce, okra, and so many more–all with the guarantee that they would be shipped to your doorstep as clean and fresh as you need them to be. 

Palawan Local Market brings locally sourced fresh produce to the hands and tables of Filipinos. Palawan Local Market operates with one objective in mind: to ensure that our local farmers and producers have a community to promote and sell their products on. 

Ordering from Palawan Local Market has never been easier. Order today at and receive locally made products that are guaranteed to be fresh.