“Tarabidan, or ‘Bayanihan’ in Tagalog, and ‘gathering’ or ‘being together’ in English, is a Cuyonon word that directly translates to ‘sama-sama.’” according to Jane Timbancaya-Urbanek, the proud owner of Dang Maria Gardens. The indigenous cultural community of Palawan, the Cuyonons, speak Cuyonon, which has been declared the Province of Palawan’s official language. 

On November 6-8, 2020, Donald Keith Bognoson, the official event representative and general manager, hosted a 3-Day event otherwise known as Tarabidan sa Dang Maria, together with Palawan Local Market as the online community partners.

Palawan Local Market is an e-commerce website that operates with one objective in mind: to provide local farmers and producers a community to sell and promote their products on. Palawan Local Market has recently partnered with Tarabidan as their online community partner last November, 2020. 

Palaweño Brands Event

Dang Maria Bed & Breakfast and Restaurant was named in honor of Maria Ponce de Leon Timbancaya, who is married to Tomas Paz Timbancaya. Timbancaya’s 10 children are all deeply grateful to such honest and hardworking teachers to call their parents. They have molded and touched the hearts and minds of many of their students. They believe that their parents are the perfect representation of the meaning of integrity in everything they did. 

Our father passed away in 1986; our mother in 2007. Dang Maria Gardens, the venue of Tarabidan, is part of my inheritance, a well-cherished and valued gift from my parents.” says  Jane Timbancaya-Urbanek. 

Authentic Palaweño Brands Event

The event which was held in Dang Maria Bed and Breakfast in Puerto Princesa encouraged the locals of Palawan to flock to the gardens of Dang Maria to try out different food and products from over 30 local brands and merchants. 

100% Authentic Palaweño Food Products

Some of the local products that were offered during the event included homemade cheese, organic vegetables, natural fertilizers, classic pancit, gourmet goodies, salted egg potato chips, Palawan’s #1 ribs, and even plant-based food that come from the first and only vegan restaurant in Puerto Princesa City. 

Palawan Local Market Products Cart

Aligned with the concept of social enterprise, and differentiating from being conventional and traditional, doing business in a completely new and different way is the main objective of Tarabidan. With the way Tarabidan handles business, it democratises the market, and is determined to give the small business-people a voice and a bigger platform by creating an environment that people are attracted to. Tarabidan aims to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and development in a creative and daring way. 

Palaweño Prouducts

Tarabidan has become a monthly-event that Palawan locals always look forward to. The fast-growing community of Tarabidan is thankful for the support and encouragement of the government of the City of Puerto Princesa and the Province of Palawan. 

All Palaweño Staff of Palawan Local Market

Tarabidan’s next event will be held this coming 18th to 20th of December, 2020, in Dang Maria Bed and Breakfast from 9 AM to 9 PM. This month’s event will feature over a hundred local brands and merchants. Mark your calendars monthly, and head on over to Tarabidan at Dang Maria Bed & Breakfast to get that sense of home, even after stepping out of your homes. 

Tarabidan Poster by Palawan Local Market