It’s finally the season of giving, and we all know there’s nothing like receiving the perfect gift from a loved one–however, the biggest challenge that comes with this is actually looking for the perfect gift for our loved ones. 

Do we get them something they can use on a daily basis? How about something that they can put on display in their homes? What if my gift doesn’t seem personal enough? 

Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 handcrafted gift ideas that are made in Palawan; one of them is bound to be perfect for that special person you’re struggling to come up with the perfect gift for: 

  1. Boost your work-obsessed loved one’s productivity.

Photos grabbed from AraPilak’s Instagram (@arapilak)

We all have at least one loved one who’s obsessed with studying and working. What about a handcrafted gift to help boost their productivity when they’re on another one of their late-night cramming sessions? AraPilak’s Bamboo tumbler is perfect for keeping your hot (or cold) coffee completely hot (again… or cold, whatever floats your boat) for up to 8 hours. Their aesthetic notebook journals are also perfect for notes and scribbles to help them remember lessons and tasks they need to take note of–it even comes with a free Milk Tea Straw! 

  1. Support your plantita and plantito loved ones’ hobbies.

Ah, yes. The plant-craze–all of a sudden, everybody is a plantita and plantito! Why not water their hobbies to help them grow (see what I did there?) and get them these beautiful pots that Paraluman Palawan has to offer: 

Photos grabbed from Paluman Palawan’s Instagram (@paralumnpalawanph)

  1. Dress your fashionista loved ones with unique accessories.

Our fashionista loved ones will always love receiving gifts that they can wear (or even sew into something they can wear), but handcrafted clothes and accessories should be icing on the cake. Check out these handcrafted jewelry from Coolture that are sure to make your fashionista loved ones stand out in any crowd.

Photos grabbed from Coolture’s Instagram (@getcoolture)

  1. 4Decorate your artsy loved ones’ lives.

Photos grabbed from Isa Marikit’s Instagram (

We all have artsy loved ones who strive to go against the norm, and we love them for it. Check out these handmade (and not to mention, unconventional) keychains and coasters—perfect for your loved ones who love looking different from everybody else. 

  1. Protect (or prettify) your loved ones’ belongings.

Photos grabbed from Macramestiza’s Instagram (@macramestiza)

Okay, let’s face it: we probably have a loved one who doesn’t fit into the first four categories that we just went through, so let’s keep it simple–everybody has jars and walls at home. Head over to Macramestiza’s Instagram to find handmade jar covers and wall hangings that are sure to make them pop. These gifts are practical, yet, decorative and creative at the same time. 

Whether we successfully get our loved ones gifts that they actually end up liking or not, we all know that as cliché as it sounds, it’s the thought that counts. However, if none of these gifts are to your liking, worry not: our Online Directory features more kakaibang gawang Palaweño choices that might be more suitable for your loved ones. Visit to shop and discover local!

Happy holidays! 

‘Tis the season to be jolly, Palalalala-lalalawan Local Market!