Everybody’s going local and we all know this is a great thing. There’s nothing like purchasing a product knowing full well that you just supported a small local business, and getting that sense of community with the product in your hands. The only challenge is finding the perfect small businesses that can provide the products you need. We know the struggle, and we’re here to make things so much easier for you. Check out these 7 Palaweño brands you wish you had known sooner. 

  1. Roots Palawan Eco Farm (@rootspalawan)

Homegrown and homemade should be our motto for the year. Roots Palawan Eco Farm offers produce, products, and farm supplies fresh from their farm, straight to your table. One of Roots Palawan Eco Farm’s specialties, their “Chickles,” are pickled chillies that come in jars, guaranteed to give your tongue a kick on your first bite. 

Photos grabbed from Palawan Eco Farm’s Instagram account (@rootspalawan)

  1. Palaweño Brewery (@palawanbeerph) 

2021 is the year of firsts (let’s claim it)–with that in hand, are you ready to hear what makes this brewery awesome? Go ahead and order a bottle from Palawan’s very first craft beer brewery, the Philippines’ very first women brewers, and to top it all off, the very first Philippine craft beer exported to the US! Order a cold one today and let your year of firsts begin. 

Photos grabbed from Palaweno Brewery’s Instagram account (@palawanbeerph)

  1. Honey’s Homemade Dairy (@honeys_homemade_dairy)

A Saturday night (or even a Sunday night) cooped up at home with close friends and family members, gathered a table with glasses of wine, and a whole night of stories lined up–but what’s missing? A board of cheese. Grab your fix of some of the finest dairy products in Palawan and have a great weekend! 

Photos grabbed from Honey’s Homemade Dairy’s Instagram account (@honeys_homemade_dairy)

  1. Bootza Kombucha (@bootzakombucha)

Nothing like a night-cap to reward yourself after a long day of work; check out Bootza Kombucha’s bottled cocktails that are guaranteed to take the edge off. So many flavours, so little time (just kidding, the night is young!). 

Photo grabbed from Bootza Kombucha’s Instagram account (@bootzakombucha)

  1. Ithamar Orchard

Absolutely sure you need authentic farm-to-table products? Check out Ithamar Orchard and order quality fruit jams, culinary sauces, and juices and snacks–all made from organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs if we may add. Products so fresh, you’ll want to have dinner al-fresco style tonight. 

Photos grabbed from Ithamar Ochard’s Facebook account (Ithamar Orchard)

  1. Coolture (@getcoolture)

Buying gifts for our loved ones isn’t the easiest task for some of us; do we get them something for their office? Something they can eat? Well, what if we get them something handmade? Check out Coolture’s beautiful handmade pieces, sure to give your loved ones a sense of intimacy rather than a gift just for the sake of receiving one. 

Photos grabbed from Coolture’s Instagram account (@getcoolture)

  1. Natureganic Shoppe (@natureganic.shoppe)

Capping this list for all our activists and environmentalists: this one’s for you. Head over to Natureganic Shoppe’s Instagram account (@natureganic.shoppe) and check out their all-natural, earth-friendly products such as their shampoo bars and shampoo bars. P.S., did we mention they offer eco-friendly leak-proof pads? No, we’re not kidding. Yes, we’re amazed as well. 

Photos grabbed from Natureganic Shoppe’s Instagram account (@natureganic.shoppe)

Head over to www.palawanlocalmarket.com and check our online directory to discover so many more Palaweño brands you wish you had known about sooner. Order today!